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Are you constantly suffering from headaches? Sometimes severe debilitating migraine headaches?

Are you missing work frequently because of headaches?

Do your headaches get so bad that you end up sick to your stomach and maybe even vomit?

Are your family relationships being affected because your headaches cause you to be short tempered?

Are you tired of swallowing pills to cover up the headaches just to turn around and be knocked over by a migraine?


Are you to the point where enough is enough?

I’m Dr. Greg Oleson and I know the feeling all to well! That was my story as a young child at the age of 10!
2-3 migraine headaches a week that ultimately led to sleeping it off after vomiting because of the pressure in my head. I finally reached the point where enough was enough! My life dramatically changed after my parents took me to a GREAT Chiropractor that isolated the cause of my headaches. We began to treat the CAUSE! The affect was NO more headaches or migraines!

Are you willing to let ME be that GREAT Chiropractor for YOU?

If you are ready to have a cause and affect outcome like I experienced, then I want to make it as easy as 1..2..3 for you!

1. Fill out and submit the information below!

2. We will call and schedule you as a new patient and offer you incredible savings. Then we can isolate the CAUSE of your headaches!

3. Start to enjoy life with NO more headaches!

The choice is yours. Let us help you make the first step in a new direction. There is nothing more rewarding than changing the course of someones life! Will you be the next person who’s life we change? If so, you can also call our office to schedule an appointment at 712-868-3265Reference this page to receive the New Patient offer.

Consultation & Chiropractic Examination

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Migraine Sufferer

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